Twin Engine Planes




Jack Wilhelmi, Dean Copeland, Frank Trouba, Mike Gross, Jim Henley & Bud Kilnoski are building a Tigercat F7F with 2 Moki 180cc 5 cylinder radials.  to see current pictures and details:  Click Here

Ron Pacana

Ron Pacana

Ron Pacana

Ron Pacana's Cessna

Dan Waltz

Larry Brown & Dan

Dan Waltz & Larry

Rick Simmons

Keith Paskewitz  "This shows my original Tigercat F-7F3 Forest Service plane with my Daughter & Son who are now grown".  It had a 60" wing and weighed 16 lbs.

Keith Paskewitz "I built this plane about 34 years ago with retracts operating tank for fire retardant & 2 Webra Speed .61's".

Keith Paskewitz  "I never did get the fire retardant drop to work right.  It kept leaking out before it was ready to be released.  This plane is now for sale in Lincoln for $900.00 the last I heard".

Keith Paskewitz  "This is my new Tigercat F-7F3 Forest Service plane with 52" wing & weighs 7 lbs. with battery.  It has 14 electric motors in it altogether plus gear doors.  I hope to get the fire retardant to work this time.

Keith Paskewitz

Gale Sherman

Gale Sherman

Ralph Brown's Pica Dualist with 2 counter-rotating Veco 40's

Jason Nagrassus's 

Twinstar with OS 40's.

Dean Copeland's Scale

Skyvan 3M 116" wing 26lb. 

Converted Ryobi engines

w/electronic ignition.

Dean painted the Skyvan  

with latex paint in

Austrian Air Force


Modified engines turn 16x8 props and produce over 17lbs. of thrust.  It flys 45 minutes on 3 lbs. of fuel w/150' lift off.

It uses Futaba PCM Radio with 12 servos and 3 battery packs.  It has Flaps and operating Cargo Door.

Dean Copeland purchased this neat B-25J Mitchell gunship with a 109” wingspan.

It has Quadra 42 engines, retracts and bomb bay doors, 51 lbs with fuel.

Dean Copeland's CriCri ARF electric is a model of a French home built with a 46 ½” span.


This is a model of a full size plane with model engines.

Dean Copeland's Tigercat before take off.  Weighs 30 lbs. with 2 26 cc engines.

Dean's Tigercat after take off  It stalls at about 37 MPH..



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