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Omahawk's Labor Day Air Show 


Omahawk's Labor Day Air Show collects large amounts of money, and donates it to

Make a Wish Foundation, every year.  Steve Peck serves as Event director and 

promoter every year.  It's a great effort and it helps a lot of kids that are down on their luck.

 Thanks Steve!


Labor Day Air Show 2003

Thousands of spectators

Pigeon release at the start of

Pete Rosas doing

Snoopy's Dog House



Torque Roll

taking off

Red Baron chasing Snoopy Flying Witch Joe Cole Flying inverted assisted by Tom Egbert

Fred Wilke flew his beautiful B-25


Labor Day Air Show 2001

Pete Rosa doing

Larry Brown

Pete, Steve and Clown

Steve Peck on


a Torque Roll

Collecting Money




Rusty Dose

Skip Brown's 

Skip Brown's

Ward Neesen



 Lawn Mower

"Snoopy's Dog House"


      I publish Metro Area R/C Flying to make a central web site for all the area R/C clubs, not to replace individual club sites, but to tie all of them together and promote growth and interaction between clubs. The most important service of the web site is to post the Metro Area Schedule. The schedule lists all the events for all the clubs in one location so that R/C flyers can see what events are available in the area and plan ahead. I believe it will also help the area clubs to work out their schedules so that a club event, will not conflict, with another club's event. The next most important service is to provide a Page that has s to all the events, meetings, dinners and parties. Right after that comes the Newsletter Page which lists all club newsletters. Reading other club newsletters lets members see what others are offering in the area that they are interested in and promotes interaction between clubs. Perhaps an even more important item is the New Flyers Page that gives new members information they need to join a club and become part of our R/C community. This is your web site, if you would like to show-off your newest plane, or share an experience, you can E-Mail pictures and articles to me at: There’s an Email Link on every page.