Mike Moritko's Armonia

Mike Moritko's Click


Photography by Mike Moritko     

Photography by Keith Paskewitz     





SASM Helicopter Day 2013

Keith Paskewitz' Dirty Bird 2

Lincoln Fall Fun Fly 2013

Photography by Ed Paasch     

Photography by Keith Paskewitz 

Photography by Unknown




Omahawk's Float Fly Pictures


      Omahawk's Pattern Contest

Tri-Club Event!

Western Flyer's, Sky Knights & Omahawk's Don Neill Memorial Scale Contest

      MPF Heli Fun Fly 8 26, 2012

Photography by Helen Paasch Photography by Helen Paasch Photography by Helen Paasch




SWIFT sponsored Radian Pro Fun Fly held Aug, 21 2011 at Lincoln Rd. Field.

       Good turn out and we had all the

E-Gliders in the air at the same time.

       Group launch:  On the way up.


       Visitor from above.

Photography by Pauline

Pictures from the SWIFT Radian Sail-plane Fly-in at Lincoln Rd. Field on July 24, 2011.   Details &

Photography by Pauline

Joe Cole's "Work of art"!  It's a Carl Goldberg 1938 Valkyrie with a 10 ft. span & 6 ft. fuse built from a short kit.

George Eheman's new Ultrs Stick electric with Floats.

It's a E- flight Ultra Stick 25e ARF.

"I put a Phaser 30/3 motor in it with 10 NiMH cells".

"This motor will handle 88 oz's that's 5.5 pounds and my plane weights just at 4.3/4 pounds".

A view from all angles.        My name is George Eheman I was in the Coast Guard station aboard the CG 83527, the year was 1955, I found out on the web that the boat was moored in California and for sale.  It was taken to Seattle Washington and refurbish and is now sailing the Puget Sound area.  I was told it's the only 83 footer in existence. That was 56 years ago.  I've been in contact with several of my ship mates, they said if I could come out to Seattle I could go for a ride.  I only wish it was closer.

       If any of you are interested I will make a page and put stories of your service years and pictures of the boats or planes or what ever you did when you were in the armed services.


       Here is the Stosser FW-56, 103" wing span, Quadra 52 engine, 23 lbs.  I test flew it today about

2:30 and all went well, need to change a few settings but managed to get in 4 flights.  Dean Copeland.

  Dave Mathewson, AMA President, Mark Smith, AMA Executive

Vise President, Jim Wallen, District IX Vice President and Steve Culver 

Associate Vice President District IX visit Omaha.  C

 Keith Paskewitz's new RV-9a is an ARF from E-flite  That was built  by Fred Tuckerman and modified from a tail dragger to a tricycle landing gear.

 Keith was going to build a full size RV-6a at one time.

2009 & Before

        Pete Rosas flying 1/2 Scale Cub landing with the smoke on. 

 (Click Here for Pictures)        Video of maiden Flight

"Dan Cramer's new 85" wing span Extra 260 built by Brett Grell"


Keith Paskewitz's Personal Section

Keith's EU!-B with Webra

Speed 61 & built in tuned pipe

Giles G-202 with

Saito 180 4-cycle.

P-51 Quarter Midget with K&B

15. Racing has speeded up

a lot since I used to race.

Nut Cracker & Banshee

Pattern planes.  You never hear of Banshees now but Doug Ferguson & I used to fly them.




Keith Paskewitz's IFO - Photos by Ed Paasch

(End of personal Section)



Fred's Corsair

Nathan's Sundowner

       Pete Rosas New Stearman's Maiden flight.  "A slow start but everything worked out in spite of wind gusts to 27 mph. 

Thank you to Kim, Dominick, Justin and Phil for all the help".

 Western Front Dawn Patrol


"Top Gun" winner Dave Johnson and 

NATS  winner Billy Thompson dog-fighting.

Dean Copeland's Northrop Wing

 More pictures & Video

Pictures or Dean's Trip to Muncie    

Joe Cole's Winter project.

 A beautiful Balsa USA Taube. 

Here's a link to more Taube pictures

Ed Splittgerber

 Fred Tuckerman, Nathan

King and Ed Paasch.

Click Here for Pictures

Photography by Ed Paasch   

Nick Brown & Rich

Joe Cole Steve Zikmund and Kim

Joe Cole

Joe Cole

Joe Cole

Joe Cole

Joe Cole

Joe Cole





Jim Azara built this beautiful work table

 Pete Rosas posted pictures on RCUniverse.com.    Click here to see them.

Pictures of Piggott Scale Fly-In  April 21, 2007 in Arkansas. Dale Locander sent in. Click here

Omahawk's Benson Competition Day

Click here to see the pictures.

Keith Paskewitz

Keith's 68 Gran Sport

and Planes taken in his


Jim Azara built this

table for the Western

Flyers Field.

Jim, Dean and Keith

Pete  Rosas

Joe Cole,

Byron Head

Rick Simmons

Charley Tvrdik's Sig 

Liberty Sport/OS 60

slow_flyer.jpg (66141 bytes)

Dale Alva's Clipped wing

Taylorcraft, OS 160 Twin four

 stroke, took 1st at Western

Flyer's Scale 2003.

Ron Brannt's DeHavland

Tiger Moth with Saito 100,

took 1st in "Military Planes" at

Western Flyer's Scale 2003.

Gale Sherman

Gale Sherman's U Can

Do 3D with Keith

Paskewitz' Giles G-

202 on the left

Keith Paskewitz

Giles G-202 with An

OS 91 & a Saito 180 

Slow Flyer plane.


Jason Hicks

Don Kaar's Balsa 

USA Cub with an

OS 160 twin.

Ron Brannt's Great 

Planes Phantom/Super Tiger 90 

Brian Marsh's Extra

300 /OS 91 4-stroke.

Rick Miller's Cap 232/Saito 150 and Focke Wulf/ Saito 80.

Pete  Rosas


The South 40 is on Ken & Betty

Schuler's farm 

Landing at the

South 40

Weird Plane

Fun Fly at The South 40 2003.

Dean Copeland's Planes

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