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46% TOC Ultimate ARF   Fokker DR-1 .90 Engine Size   Backyard Flyer    DX7 7Ch w/AR7000 & 4-DS821 MD2    Blade mCX RTF

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Link to Galen's video:

Galen Lillethorup is thinking of finding a new home for 30 plus scale planes that he has built.  Here is a link to a video he has made of some of them.  If your interested send Galen an email or call and see if you can work out a plan.  Email Galen at:  or call at:  402-571-5322


Power Supply 2nd view

For Sale:  28 Amp 12.4Volt Power Supply from my computer.  It has been converted to power supply for your chargers.  $40.00


Contact Keith Paskewitz E-Mail  402-556-5314  10/19/17


Hobbico Next Star

Next Star

Next Star

Next Star

Sig Kadet LT-40

Sig Kadet LT-40

Sig Kadet LT-40

Sig Kadet LT-40

Sig Somethin Extra

For Sale:  Hobbico Next Star Trainer RC Airplane $250.00
OS .46 FX engine
4 Futaba 3003 Servos
Radio 72mhz
Receiver and Battery.
New Condition

Sig Kadet LT-40 Trainer RC Airplane $200.00
ASP 40 engine
5 Futaba FP-S148 Servos
New Condition

Sig Somethin Extra $250.00
OS .46 FX engine
5 Futaba 3003 Servos
Like new condition
                                    Contact Ray Cooper 
402-290-3168   10/10/17


For Sale: 33% power line hobbies extra330 with all servos and DA 50cc engine and batteries. Has only been flow 5 times. all for $750.00

Contact: Nick Mouw 402-871-7312  9/12/17


For Sale: I have some model stuff that I'm never going to fly

I have a Byron F16 ducted fan   Motor is out along with the pipe. Selling those separately   

Also have a Zero Quadra 100. Retracts all the stuff. This was my backup show plane I'm not a member of any club any more.  Since I lost my medical can't fly the full scale Tripacer any more. So will probably go back to flying models By the way the Tripacer is for sale as well Let me know if I will be able to place an add.  Will send pictures Have some NIB engines as well  Contact - Paul Edmunds   7/13/17



New site for buying & Selling RC Planes etc. created by Ryan Stille


For Sale: Great Planes RealFlight RF-7 Simulator  Contact Richard Willett $50.00 + shipping 1/4/17



For Sale:  We have our home for sale and when it sells we are going to move to a Florida retirement community where they only fly electrics.  The plane and the radio both for $225

Contact Greg Weisheipl   920-366-4696    2/20/17





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